Our Philosophy

Every space Evensen Design​

Every space Evensen Design​ envisions is one of a kind

envisions is one of a kind

filled with interesting juxtapositions, the incorporation of our client’s existing pieces, a touch of whimsy and, yes, we thrive on breaking the rules and a slightly absurd moment (hello mirror installed on top of mirror!). Color is key – and great lighting is essential. 

These are the philosophies that drive our work and result in a discovery process with our clients that make them not only fall in love with their space, but have a rich story to tell for how it all came together.

Our Process

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that matter

Erica Volkmer, Principal & Founder of Evensen Design, and her dynamic team work closely with both residential and commercial design processes with a deep dive thesis on our client’s likes and dislikes, and 

how they want their space to be experienced.

Where do you like to sit down with a book? How do you get ready in the morning? Where do you enjoy a cup of coffee? 

Our Services

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Evensen Design provides a comprehensive full-service interior design experience. Our passion for exquisite design is fostered by our clients’ desire to achieve a look and style that breaks boundaries and molds to your way of living.